Our Services

It is said that ignorance is bliss. And mediocrity is a pleasant satisfaction. But ignorance creates fear, mediocrity curbs progress. At Confetti Media, we believe in pushing our limits of creative and journalistic excellence to the highest known summit, in search of the next. Our services include specific media activities in print, online, and video mediums.

Content Provision

Words play a great part in our everyday life. A perfect story can excite you, move you, make you fall in love, or fill your heart with hate. A perfect feature article can help simplify the most befuddling of thoughts and ideas. But yet, mastering the art of putting one perfect word after another is an art that few have accomplished. At Confetti Media, we understand that very art. We bring thoughts and ideas to life, with words. With our extensive team of skilled journalists and specialists in diverse fields, we could help you reach out to your readers, just the way they want to be reached out to. We provide exclusive editorial and photographic content for publications, websites, radio networks and more.


Do you like a feature from any of our publications? Or would you want to associate with us to share content and videos, but not under terms of exclusivity? Get in touch with us, we just may have what you’re looking for. We have syndicated features and packages in different specialised streams varying all the way from fashion and lifestyle to architecture and interior designing, and almost everything in between and beyond.

Contract Publishing

One sheet of direct information is called advertising. A hundred pages of scattered information bound together is called an interesting read. As much as we’d dispute over this issue, we’ll still have to acknowledge the truth in the lines. If you are an organisation that is passionate about letting your valued clients and customers know about your progress and achievements, and yet, don’t want to barrage them with newsletters and spreadsheet advertisements, Contract/Custom Publishing is just what you need. Confetti Media publishes several magazines for different organisations, catering to their specific requirements. With rich expertise in an array of specific fields, Confetti Media provides and overlooks all the publishing and printing needs of organisations that want to share the story of its voyage with the world.

Media Partnerships

We look forward to making new affiliations! A great idea doesn’t spark out of solitude, but by an understanding of the world through another’s eyes. Confetti Media is always open for associations and ideas. We believe that interaction and communication are the key ingredients to achieve extraordinary results.

Media Marketing and Distribution

Confetti Media has an accomplished internal team that is intrinsically involved in the strategising of a new media venture. Driven to achieve its set goals and long term revenue projections, our marketing strategists and media distributors ensure that our collaborations are not just monetarily profitable, but well rounded in every aspect. Confetti Media is also closely affiliated with a well-built network of marketing and distribution firms across India and the world.

Online Media

Online content is a far cry from conventional print journalism. At Confetti Media, we understand the requirements of an online portal, and also the distinct difference between online journalism and other forms of journalism. With an experienced team of content developers and managers, we overlook blog management and campaigns, set up exciting web portals, develop online magazines and provide specialised content and images to satiate even the most demanding of clients.

Video Production

Confetti Media has an expert team of directors, script writers, actors, and studio units that come together to create some of the finest short films. Be it self-help, a parody, a serious take on life issues, or even video versions of articles, we provide our clients with their specific requirements. Primarily focusing on self-help and comedy genres in short film categories, we create online and corporate films for our clients.

Artwork and Design

Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but within your mind you reassemble the elements to create something that you always knew existed but no one around ever thought could exist. At Confetti Media, we do just that. We think out of the box, and create artworks and designs for our clients that bring ideas and concepts to life.